Friday, March 24, 2006

Sadd by name...

I blogged some time ago about the roadside floral tributes that seem to be everywhere now. The most elaborate one I've seen is now on view on my journey to work. It consists of one of those arrangements of flowers made to spell out words, as favoured by East End gangsters - DIAMOND GEEZER on the side of the coffin, you know the kind of thing. Well, this one commemorates the death of a Mr Sadd, and consists of the words SON, UNCLE, BROTHER followed by a floral car. The odd details of his life and death are in this story
What struck me about the tribute was that the major defining feature of this man's life and character is omitted - but I suppose you couldn't ask the florist to make the flowers spell THIEF, could you?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Would you take this teacher seriously?

This story beggars belief - or rather, it would, if it weren't yet another example of topsyturvydom in our culture. Let's see, now. What would I do if I had a chair that emitted farting noises when I sat on it? I'D GET ANOTHER BLEEDING CHAIR!!! This woman's a deputy head - she could order a new chair, or just pinch one from somewhere in the school. I'm sure the lawyers love it, though, as more taxpayers' money is spent in an utterly futile cause.