Thursday, July 17, 2008


Playing tunefully away on the right is music by Pantagruel, whose album is available from the estimable Magnatune. They are appearing on simpering Sean Rafferty's In Tune tonight on Radio 3. I'd love to see them perform.
Update: I've taken the link down, because I got fed up with the same tune starting up every time I visited the blog. But it's still available on Magnatune.

Wigfall windfall

I haven't read Clare Wigfall's short stories, but with a bio like this, she just had to become a writer, didn't she?:
"Wigfall was born in London, but spent the first years of her childhood under the liberal sway of late 1970s California. She returned to England for most of her schooling, but her vital early impressions of travel are reflected in the places she has considered home and put pen to paper - from Morocco to Norwich to Prague. She now lives in Berlin."

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Woody's birthday

Woody Guthrie was born today, and I suppose it's kind of appropriate that he shares his birthday with Bastille day.