Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Meaning of Recognition

If you go, and you should, regularly, to the Clive James website, you'll now find, in the links on the Cultural Amnesia page, a link to my review. I'm chuffed at that, and so I bring you, by commodious vicus of recirculation back to Topsyturvydom.


harriet said...

Nice one, Rob!

francessa said...

Thanks for the link, Rob! I'm almost finished with "Cultural Amnesia" - what a treasure! And astonished to find there so many of my countrymen!

Rob Spence said...

Dont' be astonished Francessa - there are one or two good Germans...:-)

francessa said...

Sure! Maybe even three or four!

But my Austrian countrymen are superior in number, at least in this book:

Peter Altenberg, Siegmund Freud, Egon Friedell, Alfred Polgar, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

And you could count Franz Kafka and Karl Kraus as well who were born during the time of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.

Rob Spence said...

Yes, the Austrians are in the ascendant. So glad you enjoyed it - I was really impressed with it.