Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blog Power

The growing influence of blogs in public policy is well-documented. Norman Geras and the Euston Manifesto is a blog phenonomenon. More evidence that blogs are changing things is the appearance of Alasdair Gray's blog. Here's a leading writer and artist publishing thoughts and new material freely to the web. This, it seems to me, is what the web is for.


Pablo Fanque said...

Rob, at a complete tangent, why is it I can see all your recent eight posts individually via my RSS newsreader but if I click on your blog/web page (bookmarked) all I get is your 'Bob Harris' as the most recent?

Have you been tinkering again or is it me? :-)

Pablo Fanque said...

Ah ... problem solved.

All my newsreaders (Newsgator, Google Reader and Awasu) at home and at work have thrown up the same eight posts today and of course I just assumed you'd had a very prolific sequence of writing/typing/posting. Awasu however listed them way down the list below some of your posts I'd already read. THAT was when I decided to check the dates at the top of the posts ... sorry for that ... can only assume that Google Blogs have done a reboot or had a power spike or something.

Not that I doubted your ability to be prolific ...