Monday, September 19, 2005

7 things

Tagged by Kat - I'll have to find a better hiding place. OK:
7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) Live a lot longer
2) Get fitter
3) Visit New Zealand
4) Experience Il Carnevale in Venice
5) Write a novel
6) Dance
7) Discover how to sleep comfortably with two cats on the bed

7 things I can do:

1) Cook a decent veggie meal (Current signature dish: tagliatelle in gorgonzola sauce - bit of a cholesterol bomb, actually)
2) Look over my glasses in a withering fashion
3) Form an opinion on a book without having read it (and, in the case of A level Literature circa 1981, teach a book without having read it...)
4) Throw sticks for dogs much further than you'd think
5) Remember obscure details of records from 1971.
6) Read newspapers for hours
7) Eat burnt toast

7 things I cannot do:

1) Text messages. Sorry, I meant txt msgs
2) Pass a cat without attempting to stroke it
3) Wait in stationary traffic
4) Allow meaningless mumbo-jumbo to pass unchallenged.
5) Play a musical instrument
6) Use the verb "deliver" to mean "teach"
7) Speak in tongues

7 things that attract me to another person:

I can't actually think of seven things - how do you know what it is? That's the mystery isn't it?

7 things that I say most often:

1) Ludicrous!
2) Howzat? (at least, I've been saying that a lot during the Ashes)
3) onward and upward
4) Boris!
5) What's for tea?
6) You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment
7) Yays (a la Ray McCooney in Little Britain)

7 celebrity crushes:
This touches a nerve. I'm not allowed to say any woman on TV/film is good looking, or 'er indoors will thereafter refer to said woman as "your girlfriend". Those who have filled this role range from Julie Andrews (I know...) to Courtney Cox to Cherie Lunghi...

I found this a rather unsettling exercise - and I don't know why, it's just a bit of fun, eh?- so I won't tag anyone else.


kat said...

txt msgs

Looks like you can txt msg - I think that's right. I use my PDA to text message so that I can write longhand. I probably drive the recipients nuts.

Rob Spence said...

I have composed - very painstakingly - one text message in my life. I'm now getting very Victor Meldrewish about students who e-mail me in txt msg style: "R U in 2morro" etc.

kat said...

I am so not into text messaging that I often fail to notice the messages on my phone. One person was trying to text message me for over a week and then finally sent me an email in proper English. I check and answer email. The txt msg style sometimes appears in the VLE but I think I am going to add something to the rules, explaining that it isn't good netiquette to use it in email and the VLE, because some of us can't understand it. :-)

francessa said...

Great list, Rob! I like the "teaching/delivering" best, and, as a veggie, the tagliatelle gorgonzola, plus the withering fashion look.

Rob Spence said...

Thanks, Francessa. as I say, I did find it a bit disturbing - possibly because you have to reveal something of yourself to the unforgiving gaze of cyberspace.
And, wow, a teutonic Vegetarian :-) A very rare creature!
Well, is it Angie or Gerd

francessa said...

Rob, I feel the same about revealing things in cyberspace, but you did it very cleverly, not telling too much, except the celebrity crushes, of course.
As to the Teutons there are ever so many differences between the tall, blonde, serious, strong, straightforward Germans and the small, weak, dark, bucolic and obdurate Austrians, or, as someone said: What separates Austria and Germany is their common language. But there are exceptions to this - the wanderers between those two worlds.
Now, the Germans' creativity is getting real exciting at the moment. First a Jamaica coalition, then a big coalition, then coalition with changing chancellors. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's scheme ..

Rob Spence said...

I love the rotating chancellor idea. You could have Gerd Monday to Wednesday, Angie Thursday to Saturday, and Gregor on Sundays...