Sunday, December 06, 2009

Urban(e) Fox

Great snap of a foxy traveller.
Credit: RadioKate


Minnie said...

Wonderful pic, thanks for posting it - chapeau to Radio Kate.
Now when do the performing seals appear?

Rob Spence said...

Thanks for this and other comments Minnie. I had a look at your blog, which is fascinating, and I'll be back for more when I get a minute!

Charlie Kurtz said...

That's a great shot. Did you take that yourself?
I saw that you like Clare Teal and wondered if your taste would stretch to include me???
Have a look at my first of many blogs or look at my web-site
I love the way you write, it seems to me that you are very much an educated man..."Toygraph" love it!

Rob Spence said...

Hi Charlie
Thanks for the comment. No, not me- someone who posted it on a blog, and then it was picked up in the papers.
Enjoyed looking and listening to your stuff, and you have my deep envy that you have settled in New Zealand. One day, I'll go there, and I'll be in the front row at one of your gigs!