Friday, August 11, 2006

Celeb mania

Our local paper, The Lytham St Annes Express - and I'm not providing a link because it's such a useless publication - recently saw fit to splash a large photo of Abi Titmuss on the front page. The reason was, apparently, that she might - note the conditional - make a visit to Lytham. The article then goes on about the burgeoning celebrity culture in Lytham, brought about by its trendy bars and restaurants. The list of celebrities is awe-inspiring: apart from La Titmuss, there's Phil Vickery, Andrew Ridgeley, Britt Ekland...and, er, that's it. Just run that by me again, will you? So that's a man who's married to a fat lady on the telly, the uncreative half of a pop duo that broke up twenty years ago, and a woman whose main claim to fame is that she used to be married to Peter Sellers. I'm all agog. Truly, Lytham is the new St Tropez...


Pablo Fanque said...

Ah yes! The LSA Express!

A veritable tome of local adverts and house sales published on a weekly basis. It’s website does prove that the printed word will never die. I presume that there were no major Lytham ‘housing’ developments, town hall or Ashton Garden disputes to report that week.

Still … it is miles better than the free locals (Citizen/Reporter) and the ink doesn’t come off on your hands so much nowadays.

P.S. I found your blog courtesy of the North West Enquirer website and am enjoying it thus far. I have a few months archives to catch up on but am looking forward to the ‘trawl’. Couldn’t see your blogger profile though.

Rob Spence said...

A ha - you speak from a position of some knowledge, it seems. My profile disappeared when I did a redesign. I'll see if I can restore it.
You are, of course, absolutely right in all you say about the LSA Express.
Pablo Fanque - didn't you used to run a fair???

Pablo Fanque said...

Sir, your memory does you proud. Sadly the springs on the trampoline don’t … erm … spring any more, they sag. Mr Henderson just isn’t up to doing one summerset never mind ten, and as for Henry the Horse … well let’s just say the vet is spending an awful lot more time with him. I suspect The Last Waltz isn’t too far away. I heard that some time ago in the sixties a young scally bought one of my posters and tried to make a name for himself using MY ARTISTES! Damn cheek! Wonder whatever became of him?

On a more serious note your profile is now very apparent and accessible. Many thanks for that. My main claim to fame with the LSA Express is having a letter published in it some years ago when the Safeway expansion plans were at their height and the ‘Save Our Ashton Gardens’ debate (and group) started up. I supported Safeway’s plans and had a reply from the SOAG leader with some extremely ill informed assumptions about my knowledge and stance on the issue. The writer was presumptive and condescending in the extreme which I suppose explains why they (all right … she!) subsequently became a Councillor! I had a response published but nothing further. I suppose there were after all, lost cats and chip pan fires more worthy of reporting than a verbal spat.

You will have gathered I live in the SA part of LSA, however I’m off for the next week to Boston (sadly it’s the less glamorous Lincs. variety compared to the Mass. of Cheers fame - it’s a truism that beggars can’t be choosers) with the present Mrs F and young Master F so I’ll be catching up and no doubt posting thereafter.

Keep up the good work. :-)

Rob Spence said...

It's surprisingly easy to get a letter published in the LSA Express. I've had several, under several different names...
I too am in the SA bit, though hoping to move back to Manchester soon.
Enjoy Boston. I used to live in Notts, so I know the area a bit.