Saturday, March 04, 2006

Jowellgate continued

BBC NEWS | UK | Tessa Jowell splits from husband

Interesting that this has happened now. Am I just terminally cynical, or is this a case of a marriage being sacrificed for a ministerial career?


Anonymous said...

Relax - Tessa is NOT the girl who sacrifices a lucrative marriage.

But we are still talking about the wrong issues. The following are BAD POINTS that should be ignored by intelligent people:

(1) Whether Tessa knew about the mob payments to the couple.

(2) Whether the Revenue treats payments as income rather than "gifts".

(3) Whether Tessa is experiencing personal issues on top of being an embarrassment to H.M. government.

Tessa - do the honourable thing TODAY.

Rob Spence said...

I think you mean "not be ignored" - and you're right: it's difficult to believe that an intelligent woman in a position of high office could be so ignorant of her husband's dealings. The arrogance of power...