Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Life Reeked with Joy"

Jeff Weintraub: "Life Reeked with Joy" Thanks to Norm for the link to this. The celebration of howlers is a regular feature of the educational end of term calendar. What's great about this is that the writer has constructed a chronological narrative out of it.
I sent this to a colleague, who fired back a classic:
"In 1066, a man named Norman Conquest came to England and brought lots of French words with him." (that's from a first year undergraduate essay...)
Of course, I once did come across Mr and Mrs Conquest's little boy Norman, but that will start us off on the barmy names thread again...

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francessa said...

Wonderful collection, even for a teacher accustomed to .. erm.. , well, a certain amount of inventive and creative work of students.

Thanks for the link, Rob!