Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Meaningless slogans once more

On the way to work today, I overtook a lorry with the legend: "Rawlings Transport - keeping it real". I don't know where to begin on this - "keeping it real" was what hippies in Haight Ashbury did in 1967. Why a transport company - sorry, logistics solutions provider - should feel the urge to keep it real is beyond me, and, I suspect, them. I imagine the MD has a tragic pony tail.
Arriving in the bustling heartland of West Lancs, I was confronted with a sign for the upcoming Ormskirk street festival, which is being sold under the tag "Ormskirk Comes Alive". Hmmm - does this confirm, as many people think, that it's usually dead? Uncomfortably close to the Royston Vasey slogan, methinks.

1 comment:

Morning-Loves-It said...

Keep going with the mindless taglines as you are making me think - and thats a good thing.

Although as a mature student I don't fancy being plugged into the national grid!